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Public Liability Insurance

Our online platform streamlines the process of helping Australian businesses save time and money with affordable liability insurance. 

business insurance

Business Insurance

Safeguard your business by getting the appropriate coverage for your company. Our business insurance can protect both your goals and your business.

Indemnity Insurance

Extend the time you have to file a claim by acquiring indemnity insurance. We can help you address possible gaps for violations of seller warranties in SPA contracts.

Retail Business Insurance

You need insurance coverage specific to your type of business if you run a retail business. That’s precisely what our Retail Business Policy provides.

Tradespeople Insurance

Our comprehensive tradespeople and professionals insurance protects your employees against legal liability stemming from damage caused by their job.

Home Business Insurance

Get complete insurance for your home-based business, which may vary from modest consulting professionals to major service operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Public liability insurance protects businesses in various industries if a customer or concerned citizen asserts to have been harmed or property destroyed as a result of their operations. This policy is intended to safeguard business owners against allegations that result in legal action.

Public Liability Insurance includes any claims brought against your company by members of the general public, customers, or contractors due to an occurrence on your premises or as a result of your activities. Your insurance coverage will cover legal expenses and compensation reimbursements up to the extent of your policy if your company is found to be guilty.

It is entirely up to you to decide since it is not required by law. It is, however, strongly advised if you often engage with the public, customers, and suppliers. Even if you take every precaution to prevent them, accidents can happen, and the resulting legal fight might be devastating to your business if you don’t have enough resources to deal with it.

The cost of public liability insurance varies based on the sector and how dangerous it is. Calculate the potential scope of insurance claims and what it would take to repair losses, then plan your insurance policy appropriately. The size of your company, how often you contact the general public, the degree of risk connected with the type of your business, and your claims history are all considered.